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On the Marshy & Elyse blog, you can see adventures that my boyfriend Marshal and I embarked upon during our Europe 2018 trip.

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Days 5 + 6: Bellegra

Days 5 + 6: Bellegra

For this part of our trip, we rented a car in Rome and drove about an hour and a half away to a quaint, countryside town called Bellegra. When I say “we drove”, I mean Marshal was the only one to drive the cigarette-stained car on unmarked, windy roads until we finally found ourselves in the middle of nowhere.

We arrived around 2:00 p.m., and the few stores or restaurants that were in this tiny town were closed, due to the siesta time or whatever. However, we miraculously found a 24-hour grocery store where we stocked up on eggs, bread, cheese, yogurt, wine, and beer for the next two days. 

Since there was no sort of town entertainment that we could attend, it was up to us to fill the day with fun activities. We mostly walked around the property, worked out, listened and giggled as a shepherd nearby YELLED into the vastness of the valley, played cards, and went on a trip to a nearby waterfall.


This shepard was literally yelling all day and all night (until about 1 a.m.!) It wasn’t bothering us, though - we were quite entertained. Sound on for the video above ^ 😂


I attempted to cover up our toes in this photo but didn’t do a v good job - you’re (sorta) welcome 😂 


We witnessed a pretty big thunderstorm though never saw any lightning.


The water was freezing and it wasn’t a very hot day, so I didn’t jump in, but Marshal’s crazy ass did! 

Days 7 + 8: Munich

Days 7 + 8: Munich

Days 3 + 4: Veni•Vedi•Vici•

Days 3 + 4: Veni•Vedi•Vici•