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Days 11 - 15: Interlaken, Switzerland

Days 11 - 15: Interlaken, Switzerland

Finally, the day came when we were to travel to Interlaken, Switzerland, and meet up with Sarah and Joe, our friends from back home! It was a long day of traveling for Marsh and me to get to them at the Zurich train station, but it was well worth it.

Interlaken was hands down my favorite part of the trip because we were able to stay there the longest (and finally sort of unpack our bags!), hang out with Sarah and Joe, our Airbnb here was within walking distance of Lake Brienz, and the scenery, as we slept and swam among the mountains, was just insane!


Our adorable Airbnb ^

We rented out the bottom floor, and it was just perfect. We even got to meet the Airbnb host, Chris, and he showed us around this entire house, which he built. He did such an impressive job with the place, and he (maybe unknowingly) sold us all on going back home and starting an Airbnb of our own. 


If you look closely, you can see the boys grilling in the background - what a very American thing to do while abroad! Also, since Switzerland in general is really expensive, we didn't eat out in town. Instead, we made delicious, home-cooked meals at our place and ate outside.


On that five minute walk to the lake ^

Sarah Interlaken.gif
Elyse Interlaken.gif

Lake bonding with ma girl, Sarah 


The boys created an interesting setup in an attempt to fish, but unfortunately, they didn't catch anything! (In their defense, we were told that the lake we were at didn't have very many fish.)

Elyse and Sarah Interlaken2.gif
Interlaken Lake.gif

When we weren't at the lake, we were in downtown Interlaken. Here, the boys are taking advantage of the open container law! 


We were also able to visit the town of Amsoldingen, a small town about 30 minutes from Interlaken. This is where Joe's ancestors (previously known as Indermühle, now known as Intermill) are from. SO cool! 🕶


Queens Get the Money 


On our way to a lake photoshoot, which I DEMANDED take place while in Interlaken. We used my DSLR here, though I didn't do that great of a job capturing us. Hopefully there are a few keepers, though!


Us four on our last night, at the top of Harder Kulm

Elyse and Marsh Interlaken1.gif
Elyse and Marsh Interlaken2.gif

Okay, I can definitely see another Interlaken trip in the future, soooo let's do this!

Maui 2019: We’ve Arrived!

Maui 2019: We’ve Arrived!

Days 9 + 10: Füssen (A Shrine to Marshy)

Days 9 + 10: Füssen (A Shrine to Marshy)