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On the Marshy & Elyse blog, you can see adventures that my boyfriend Marshal and I embarked upon during our Europe 2018 trip.

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Day 1: Napoli

Day 1: Napoli

So, for the first couple days of our trip, we unfortunately couldn’t book in advance because of the whole flying standby situation. Because of this, we had to book a few places to stay last minute, and our first stop was Naples (or Napoli). Our first full day in Europe here couldn’t have been better. 😊

The night prior, our B&B hooked us up with a late ride from the airport, then a spotless place to sleep and bathe, home cooked breakfast, and tips from locals in regards to areas/pizza to explore. We initially planned to stay for just one night,  but we actually stayed two at this same B&B.


^ All taken from the rooftop of our cute B&B


We took the subway to the town center and just explored a bit. 


Waiting for to devour some Sorbillo’s pizza 🍕 ^

Below, Marsh is gonna take it away with a v extra description of the experience once we got our turn to feast. 😂 


The pizza at Sorbillo’s was the BEST pizza I’ve ever had, and I have had A LOT of pizza. (If you’ve seen my dad bod you’d know this.) We had to wait about 45 minutes to get in, but it was well worth the wait. As we waited and people watched, we couldn’t take our eyes off the doorman, who took names at a constant rate. As people approached him he would promptly say “name” “how many” “stand to the left”, clearly hating every second of it. Now, back to the pizza, we both got a traditional margherita. You know the saying “less is more”? Well in this case, it was. The toppings were very minimal containing fresh mozzarella, basil, and Roma tomatoes. The pizza was so thin that it required you to use fork and knife (no folding into a taco), and every bite put me into a trance causing a euphoric state of mind.


This was our second pizza of the day, eaten at a pizza festival within walking distance of our B&B.

Day 3 of our excursion wasn’t as lovely as the above, and we will post about that nightmare of a day here soon! 😂

Day 2: When It Rains, It Pours

Day 2: When It Rains, It Pours

And So It Begins...

And So It Begins...