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On the Marshy & Elyse blog, you can see adventures that my boyfriend Marshal and I embarked upon during our Europe 2018 trip.

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And So It Begins...

And So It Begins...


Hiya! Marsh and I will use this blog to keep y’all posted as we tromp around Europe. 🤗

Near our departure date, we worked with Papa Blaine, who was closely checking the standby availability on our flights, and decided to shoot for a redeye leaving PDX on the night of 6/5/18.  That redeye flight landed us in Newark, New Jersey, where we spent the next 12 hours waiting for the first flight out of there to Frankfurt, Germany. The standby gods were on our side that day, and we luckily got on that Frankfurt flight! 


Our wait time in the Frankfurt airport, though, was a lot more stressful and just as long. We had purchased tickets (as opposed to standby tickets) to fly from Frankfurt to Naples, Italy, but our flight was canceled last minute.  


Three beers and a heap of confusion later, we made it to Naples at midnight after 2+ days of traveling and no sleep.

Day 1: Napoli

Day 1: Napoli