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Where Did Summer '17 Go?!

Where Did Summer '17 Go?!

Welp, once again, I've been MIA from this silly blog that's pretty much written solely for personal documentation purposes. 😬  Here's only a pinch of what's been going on with Summer 2017: Elyse Edition.

Technically too early (and cold) to call it summer, but in May, Marsh and I visited Chera and her now-hubby Alex in Nova Scotia for their wedding. We had never been there, but Chera and Alex showed us a really good time and introduced us to a handful of their rad Canadian friends. By the end of the trip, Marsh and I reminded them all that we're only a hop, skip, and a jump away in the PNW. 😉

We also watched Sherman and George while their parents were out of town, and hung out with Squeeze, my favorite dog IN. 👏🏻  THE. 👏🏻  WORLD. 👏🏻 , Al Baby (of course), friends at the cabin, soon-to-be-married friends, Korea friends, and friends who appreciate a good swim in the Columbia.

Canadian beer

Chera and Alex's venue

A pig roast for the rehearsal dinner

The reception hall all done up!

Chera, my smokin' hot, now-wifed-up friend 

Sherm and George

Al Baby 


Marsh fishing at the cabin

Marsh and his boys

I caught this baby!

Gutted it with my bare hands, too 💪

Dogs and Beer performing at Thirsty Sasquatch

Mallory, me, Sarah, and Marshy

This sweet banner was hanging at Sarah's bridal shower

Shaina and Sarah at Sarah's bridal shower! 

Me and Sarah!

Vancouver Farmer's Market

Every year, me and my friends from Korea get together for a reunion. Tyler and Ara (in the middle) came to Portland/Vancouver all the way from China, and Adam and Kait came from Seattle!

On the Columbia with Marshy - Thanks for the photo, boo! 💪  🇺🇸  👑

Squarespace Summer Party 2017

Squarespace Summer Party 2017

New Kitchen 2016

New Kitchen 2016