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On the Marshy & Elyse blog, you can see adventures that my boyfriend Marshal and I embarked upon during our Europe 2018 trip.

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Squarespace Summer Party 2017

Squarespace Summer Party 2017

Twice every year, Squarespace throws lavish parties for us employees to celebrate the team and our milestones. These parties are always well put together (with food, games, and entertainment), and we have the option to bring a +1. For this event, I brought my girl Emily Stumpf! 😜 I'm so thankful to employed by Squarespace. 🙏🏻  Here are a few photos from the event, all of which were taken by Jason Quigley!

Henna tattoos!

Randi and Eilise, my girls from our training group 3+ years ago 

My boss, Natalie, and her girlfriend, Ashley! 

I just learned what a "plandid" is, and this most certainly is one.

Jonas bein' a nut job at the photo booth 

Happymatic, the company who put on this great photo booth, gave us the option to send the images via e-mail, which us techies obviously appreciated.

Carrigan and Rachel at the end of the night 

Finally, the night ended with a group dance party! 🎈

Baby Showers Bring Happy Hours

Baby Showers Bring Happy Hours

Where Did Summer '17 Go?!

Where Did Summer '17 Go?!