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PHS Class of '06: Ten Years Later

PHS Class of '06: Ten Years Later

Last month, my closest friends and I joined a handful of former colleagues at our 10-year (!) high school reunion at the Rusty Grape winery in Battleground, WA. Among these friends were my girls Jenni, Emily, and Bri, and of course, Marshal, my sweet, sexpot of a manfriend. 😘

Prom photo beforehand! Jenni, Ryan, Bri, Rick, Alisa, me, Emily, & Ryan

An obligatory posed "candid"

Me & Annica, who didn't attend Prairie High School, but is still very much an honorary member of our PHS crew! 😎

Marshy and me 💕 (If you haven't heard "our story" 19 billion times by now, I'm here to remind you that we are both alumni of PHS and were in the same friend group, but didn't date until after college. 😂)

I just love these ladies 💯

Fun fact: Jenni (far left) was our senior year prom queen, and we mulled over the idea of showing up to this reunion in a limo and forcing Jenni to wear her prom crown. 👑

Jordan and Marshal! Fun fact: Jordan was our ASB president senior year! 😈

A handful of us almost-30-year-olds from the PHS Class of '06

Gettin' Spooky!

Gettin' Spooky!

Fair Fever 2016

Fair Fever 2016