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Introducing Boo Bear

Introducing Boo Bear

Surprise! I’m a bit behind here, so most everyone knows by now, but Marsh and I got a dog. 😊

Her name is Boo, she’s a bit over a year old, and a black lab/retriever mix. Marsh and I had been playfully talking about getting a dog for months prior, and with his recent move, it finally felt like we could pull this thing off. He really wanted a puppy, though I was against that idea. I’m more keen on old, lazy, fat dogs who cannot stand to be a part from its owners and need constant loving. 😂

I was also really picky about the breed, and we finally agreed that I could pick the breed if Marsh could pick the age, and we’d come up with a name together. I pretty much wasn’t open to any breed aside from a golden retriever or a lab, so we started researching local breeders for both breeds. (Unfortunately, not a lot of labs or golden retrievers are turned in to the humane society.)

Well, before we could even get too serious about shelling out thousands of dollars for our new pup, Marsh “put out feelers” (his words) at his workplace. He mentioned that we were looking to get a dog, and one of his coworkers said that her daughter had to give up Boo (previously known as Hazel). Long story short, things progressed quickly, and Boo was kickin’ it with us in our living room only four days later.

She’s everything we could have asked for and more! Not only was she already potty and crate-trained, but Boo’s previous owner gave us all sorts of really great dog goodies. We seriously lucked out here and are so thankful that she was given to us.

She’s a dream addition to our little family! 😍

Boo and Marsh.jpg

Marshy and Boo on the first day we got her! Here, she’s very nervously panting.


I took this photo of Boo to show off her new name tag which I bought from Etsy. So cute!


This photo was actually taken by Boo’s previous owner. Since we’ve been her parents, she knows how to swim in a big body of water (not just a kiddie pool)!

Labor Day Weekend 2018

Labor Day Weekend 2018

Marshy Moved In!

Marshy Moved In!