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On the Marshy & Elyse blog, you can see adventures that my boyfriend Marshal and I embarked upon during our Europe 2018 trip.

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Halloween 2016 Decor & Festivities

Halloween 2016 Decor & Festivities

This time around, being the second year in my house, I had more Halloween decorations to show off. I made the majority of them and have Pinterest to thank for that! 🎉


This photo was taken at the end of September. Sorry not sorry! 


Lani and I crafted one afternoon in September and made these beauties. 👻


I followed this tutorial to make this creepy, "cute" spider sign.


I bought this adorable bowtie for Al Baby from this Etsy shop. Now that I know of this Etsy shop, Alvin is going to be decked out appropriately for every holiday!


Marshal Man helped me make these adorable wood pumpkins, and here's our pinspiration. 🎃


For our pumpkin patch trip this year, Shu Bear, Jenni, Ryan, Marsh, and I went to Joe's Farm on Mill Plain. 

Shu Bear! 🐻

Obligatory boyfriend photo 💕

Family photo!

Annica and Marshal's pumpkins

My pumpkin in the middle, Jordan's to the right

Finally, this is the pumpkin I created for my office's pumpkin carving contest. Here is my pinspiration for this guy. 

Happy Halloween!

NYE 2016!

NYE 2016!

Gettin' Spooky!

Gettin' Spooky!